We bring the adventure to YOU!!!

Zoofari's trainer does all the work

No buses to arrange

 No chaperones to find 

         No tired feet                                    

      No lost children                

Just a happy & engaged audience ready to learn!

We provide an unforgettable experience for everyone at your Library, School, Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Assembly, Church ProgramAssisted Living Home, Scouting Group, Fundraiser or other event. Invite Zoofari’s professional, experienced teacher/ animal trainer for a one of a kind educational and hands on, animal outreach experience to your location!  

We design a personalized show for you with different animals and reptiles to enhance YOUR curriculum and reinforce the learning goals of your group!!! 

Jillian Pestotnik, Academic Coordinator of Liberty Prep Christian School in Mooresville, NC -  “Michelle connected with the students and the material they were learning and made each animal fascinating to the kids.  These students are now fascinated with the characteristics of each animal and will desire to learn more about a variety of animals due to having this experience.  Thank you so much!”

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